45% Alcohol by Volume | 90 Proof | 750 ML

45% Alcohol by Volume | 90 Proof | 750 ML

dark rhythm

Rather than using Grain Neutral Spirits or Vodka as the base spirit for Dark Rhythm, we start with our new make Single Malt. Crafted using 100% malted Barley from Riverbend Malt House, our Single Malt base has a bold and earthy flavor with cereal undertones. We then steep this spirit with eight carefully selected botanicals and distill the maceration again. In its final form, Dark Rhythm’s deeper base gives way to the sweet, floral and citrus notes of the botanicals to result in a gin that is balanced yet entirely distinctive.

Crafted to be served straight up, Dark Rhythm still enjoys the company of others in a cocktail.    



Asheville NC Whiskey

Stripling Series:

Blended Malted Whiskey

As a grain to glass distillery, we intend for the Stripling Series to offer a more transparent look at what exactly goes into crafting your favorite whiskey.

Every drop of the whiskey in this series was milled, brewed, fermented, distilled and aged at our distillery in Black Mountain, NC. The series will take place over two years, seeing 5 to 6 bottlings during that time. With our eyes on a single malt aged over a decade, we are limiting each release to 2,500 bottles or fewer so that the bulk of our whiskey may continue to age. No release will be exactly the same in aroma and flavor as each will be from varying cask types and barrel treatments. This series from Oak and Grist will showcase and share how our spirits interact with the barrels over time.

50% Alcohol By Volume |100 Proof | 375 ML

50% Alcohol By Volume |100 Proof | 375 ML

Release no. 1

846 bottles (Released Sept. 9, 2018) - Sold Out

This release was crafted to invite people into our aging process, and provide a glimpse into things to come. Brewed and distilled from 100% locally grown and malted barley, this whisky is a blend of single malt produced at Oak and Grist. We first aged our new make single malt in 25 gallon new American oak casks for 8-½ months. After emptying the casks, we blended this aged whisky with some of our younger single malt. The result of our this blend is a fruit forward (orange, cherry, apricot) spirit, with a caramel and vanilla finish.  

We like this one neat, although cocktail enthusiasts might enjoy it in an Old Fashioned.

50% Alcohol By Volume | 100 Proof | 375 ML

50% Alcohol By Volume | 100 Proof | 375 ML

Oak and Grist Single Malt

Release no. 2 & 3

No. 2 - 592 bottles (Released Dec. 14, 2018)

No. 3 - 566 bottles (Released Dec. 14, 2018)

We were unable decide which barrel to choose for our second release, so we released two! These releases are both single barrel bottlings. Both aged in 53 gallon new American oak for 12 months. Both brewed from 100% locally malted 2-row barley from Riverbend Malt House, and bottled at 100 proof. These two bottlings differ in the proof that they aged in the barrel at, and the char level of the barrels.

We are excited to showcase how the same spirit going into barrels can develop differently with only two maturation factors separating them.


Single Malt

You’re going to have to wait for this one...This spirit is shaped from 100% regionally grown barley that is malted 17 miles from the distillery. After distillation the new make single malt is deposited into a variety of 53 gallon casks (barrels) and aged. During maturation, each cask’s history influences the final flavor of the spirit inside. To learn more about the aging process and Oak and Grist’s future with this spirit stop by the distillery.



Asheville Rye Whiskey

The O.G. Rye

Known for its characteristically spicy or fruity flavors, the O.G. Rye will be our alternative to the single malt. The rye grain used to make this spirit is also grown within 500 miles of the distillery and malted just down the road at the same facility as the barley. Rye whisky is comprised of at least 51% rye and aged in new barrels. 

Oak and Grist will utilize both 25 and 53 gallon barrels. Aging in smaller barrels, increases the suface area to spirit ratio, exposing more wood to the spirit inside the barrel. This results in a shorter aging process, but will also effect the flavor qualities of the finished product.

As with the Single malt, the Rye will only be released when the casks have imparted the desired flavor to the spirit. Keep your eyes peeled for our announcement that this product is available. 

Asheville Liqueurs and Cordials

It's a Secret...

All we are going to tell you about this one is that it will be available within the first year. But if you like making cocktails this one is for you, and you should check in regularly because to start it's going to only be produced in a very small quantity...