Stripling Series: Blended & Malted Whiskey

Stripling Series: Blended Malted Whiskey

A North Carolina whiskey through and through, every drop of this spirit was milled, brewed, fermented, distilled and aged at our Black Mountain distillery. Our grains are sourced regionally, too.

As whiskey lovers know, patience yields great rewards.

Because good things take time, we’re releasing this whiskey in batches. Each release is a part of the Stripling Series, which spans two years and 5 to 6 bottlings. The series will explore the effects age has on whiskey, and will showcase how our spirits interact with the barrels over time.

We’re thirsty for the smoothest North Carolina whiskey.

In order to age the bulk of our whiskey, we’re limiting each release to 2,500 bottles or fewer throughout the Stripling Series bottlings. Our ultimate goal is to offer you a single malt that’s been aged for over a decade. No release will be exactly the same in aroma and flavor as each will be from varying cask types and barrel treatments. As a grain to glass distillery, we intend for the Stripling Series to offer a more transparent look at what exactly goes into crafting your favorite whiskey.

Info for Release Number 1, 2, 3.

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Volume: 375 ml