Asheville NC Distillery

Our Story and Process

Welcome to Oak and Grist Distilling Company, where our vision is simple.

At the distillery, we leverage the power of everyday choices. To us, that means building relationships with local farmers and suppliers to create award-winning, truly local gin and whiskey. 

Founded in 2015 to craft a regionally inspired Single Malt, Oak and Grist offers a new generation of 100% from scratch spirits informed by the traditions of Scotland and inspired by those of Appalachia. The same passion and curiosity our mentor Edwin brought to his storied career in Scotland, is evident in every small-batch of Oak and Grist’s spirits.

From our award-winning Genever style gin, to our Blended Malt whiskeys, to our eventual Single Malt whiskey, we only ever start with locally grown and malted barley. By brewing, fermenting, and distilling our own whiskey from those grains we can offer a greater connection between producer, consumer, and place. By taking some of that whiskey and redistilling it along with eight carefully selected botanicals into our gin, we reward the curious. By teasing subtle and well-rounded flavors out of our barrels, we excite the connoisseur.

Starting from scratch here at Oak and Grist leads us to support our local farmers, craftspeople, and nonprofits that better our community.

Asheville North Carolina Gin
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