The People of Oak and Grist Distilling Company

The origin of Oak and Grist begins in the 1950s, when a young boy in Dufftown, Scotland began what would become a lifelong career in the distilling business by helping turn malt at the local distillery. After forty-two official years, Edwin Dodson retired as a master distiller and distillery manager, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the spirits aged and bottled over the course of his career. During his tenure at Glen Moray, Edwin challenged what a single malt whiskey could be. 

Today with Edwin's help, we continue to ask the same questions.

Asheville Distiller

William Goldberg, Co-Founder/Head Distiller

As co-founder, head distiller, and custodian at Oak and Grist Distilling Company, William wears many hats. He graduated from Warren Wilson College with a B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture. His degree led him to work for several years as an artisanal cheese maker for a small family creamery.  

After visiting the father of his business partner in the Moray region of Scotland, William returned with the inspiration, drive, and mentorship to craft an American Single Malt whiskey.

Oak and Grist Distilling

Russell Dodson, Founder

Quite literally raised in a distillery, Russell was born the son of Edwin Dodson, the eventual distillery manager at Glen Moray. After attending the University of Aberdeen where he earned his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering with honors, Russell has spent years building some of New York City’s finest performing arts venues and educational institutions. Oak and Grist Distilling Company marks a return to his roots.  

Black Mountain Distiller

Robert Goldberg, Founder

Bob has devoted the last four decades of his life to overseeing the creation of inspirational spaces for the artistic and non-profit communities of New York City and the surrounding areas. The spaces that he’s helped to create are fostering continual growth within the arts community. He brings invaluable management experience to Oak and Grist.

Asheville Brewing Distilling

Edwin Dodson

Having officially retired from distilling after more than 40 years, Edwin, along with his son Russell, are the inspiration behind the spirits that Oak and Grist produces. Having learned (and subsequently forgotten) more about Single Malt production than most people will ever know, his influence reaches every aspect of the brewing, distilling, and aging process at the distillery. 

Black Mountain Spirits

Ashley Ioakimedes

You’ll find Ashley in Oak and Grist’s tasting room. Having lived in Asheville for over a decade, she’s no stranger to the world of locally-crafted foods. Before finding a career in craft distillery, she worked in cheese, chocolate, pasta, and other delights one might overindulge. Things that really get her going include thinking about food and drinks, talking about food and drinks, eating, drinking, and pretty handwriting. Oak and Grist’s guests mean a lot to her, and she loves nothing more than seeing locals return and visitors to the area have the best time possible.