Single Malt Whiskey

The O.G. Rye

Known for its characteristically spicy and fruity flavors, the O.G. Rye will be our alternative to the single malt. Like all of the other Oak and Grist spirits, this whiskey uses rye grain grown regionally  and malted just down the road at the same facility as the barley. Rye whisky is comprised of at least 51% rye and aged in new barrels.

The O.G. is aged in smaller barrels, which increases the surface area to spirit ratio, exposing more wood to the spirit inside the barrel. This results in a shorter aging process, but will also affect the flavor characteristics of the finished product.

As with the single malt, the O.G.  Rye will only be released when the casks have imparted the desired flavor to the spirit. Keep your eyes peeled for our announcements when this product is available.